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A Dove Nest started out as a dream of Innkeepers Bob & Theresa (Terry) Dove.  The first drawings of the future log home were done
on a napkin during a lunch break at work. The Dove's knew the home had to be something unique to do honor to the property.  The
result is a beautiful marriage of property and structure. The Dove's knew their extended family of preteens and teens would grow up
all too soon and leave them empty nester's.  The time has come, and they can now realize their dream of sharing their Nest with
others as a B&B.

A Dove Nest is a very quiet, retreat-like setting that is secluded and full of wildlife.  As you travel slowly along the winding 1/2 mile
private drive back to English Lake and A Dove Nest, please watch for the wildlife (and 3 Rat Terriers) along the way.
White-tail deer, ruffled grouse, woodcocks, pheasants, turkeys, squirrels, woodchucks, beavers, Blue Heron cranes, Sand Hill
Cranes, turtles (please don't run over them,they lay their eggs in the drive way), and many others including an occasional coyote
have been seen during the drive back.

There are several varieties of plants and wildflowers on the property that are protected or endangered including Trilliums, Yellow
Ladies Slippers, Swamp Milkweed, and the newly found Fringed Gentian and Rough Gentian.

Miscellaneous migratory birds too numerous to mention have been seen in the Spring and Fall enjoying their own B&B experience at
A Dove Nest.  Many varieties move on to their final destinations but hundreds live here. A Dove Nest  has many areas left in its
natural environment.  The land provides all of the food and shelter necessary for the wildlife. No wildlife is fed by us, only by Mother

In the summertime hay is harvested off the fields two to three times and the harvesting of wild apples and berries begins which are used in the production of our syrups, jams, and jellies that is served with our home cooked hearty family style  breakfast which goes on depending on what is ripe.  

Michigan's Thumb area is primarily beautiful farm land.  The Kingston area is more rolling hills and woods, making a perfect wildlife
habitat area.

A Dove Nest is many things rolled up into one package.  Our mission is to make your stay one you will remember fondly for years to
come and to build on those great times by coming often, and enjoying something new each time you are here.

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At A Dove Nest Bed and Breakfast  
Our Goal Is To Make Your Stay Memorable
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