A Dove Nest springs into
bloom by the last week of
March and stays in bloom
until the killing frosts of
late fall.

There is something new to
see every time you walk
the trails. It may be
wildflowers or wildlife.

Some trails are easy to
maneuver while others are
a challenge, not more than
a deer trail through a quiet

Some trails offer a bench,
some only a stump.  All
offer an opportunity to stop
and take in the great
sights, sounds, and
smells that Mother Nature
has to offer our sences.

Along the way, depending
on the time of year, you
may see some of the
protected or endangered
wildflowers in bloom on
the grounds.  Please do
not pick them.  There are,
however, wildflower fields
planted from which you are
welcome to gather a

Along the walking trails